Something More That Colour project raffle

20 Ene

Something More That Colour project raffle

Dolls&Arte for a good cause

Realized the raffle in Extraordinary Assembly of the Association, and in presence of Rafael Rodríguez Girona and Alberto Rodríguez as witnesses, we have the pleasure of announcing that eight winners of our solidary raffle are: The First Prize (Frankie Stein Custom) n º 182, I Come second Reward (Spectra Custom) n º 674, The Third Prize (Ghoulia Custom) n º 9, Fourth Prize (Illustration I am not Ariel) n º 353, Conscript Prize (Illustration I Generate love Nature) n º 72, Sixth Prize (set of clasps) n º 1590, The Seventh Prize (Super Book Cute Dolls) n º 397, Eighth Prize (Super Book Cute Dolls) n º 282. A lot of congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all for taking part!!!

The Cultural Association [sen marco] and the artists Rafael Rguez. Girona (Sevilla, 1980), Mar Girona (Sevilla, 1975) y J. Alberto Rodríguez (Sevilla, 1981) are organizing a raffle to raise funds to finance the project Something More Than Colour. Therapy Room Hospital, which helps convert the hospitalization time of children admitted to the University Hospital of Santiago de Compostela to a less traumatic experience.

We cannot change the reality of a disease, but we can minimize the experience of hospitalization.

Taking the colour theme as a starting point, Something More Than Colour offers children the opportunity to transform a hospital into an artist room where, using a scale model of the room in which they are in. Proceeds from this raffle will be put towards the cost of this project which is already underway.

Rafael Rguez. Girona – multidisciplinary artist internationally known as Erregiro – collaborates in this one solidary initiative yielding the artistic production of three Monster High Custom, make for him, as The First, Second and Third Prize of the raffle.

1th Prize! Frankie Stein Erregiro Custom. Ooak.

2th Prize! Spectra Vondergeist Erregiro Custom. Ooak.

2th Prize! Ghoulia Yelps Erregiro Custom. Ooak.

Characterized by their originality and personality are unique pieces made with extreme thoroughness and detail from a standard model of the Monster High Dolls[2] , and constitute a valuable piece of art.

Erregiro Monster High Custom.

In turn, J. Alberto Rodríguez – illustrator and creator of known Engendro – collaborates contributing the Fourth and Fifth Prize, two of his original illustrations that it will realize specifically for the occasion.

4th Prize!!! "No soy Ariel", J. Alberto Rodríguez Original Illustration.

5th Prize!!! "Engendro loves Nature", J. Alberto Rodríguez Original Illustration.

And, in collaboration with also multidisciplinary artist Mar Girona, the Sixth Prize, a set of two special brooch of the limited series of jewels that the artist has realized inspired by Lady Engendro and by the project ” Something More That Colour”.

6th Prize! Set of two Mar Girona's limited brooch.

Finally, like The Seventh and Eighth Prize of the raffle, the Association will avoid also two copies of the fantastic book Super  Cute Dolls. The art of Erregiro publishing by Monsa, in which there is gathered great part of the artistic work on Rafael Rguez’s wrists. Girona, besides some of Alberto Rodríguez’s illustrations.

7th & 8th Prizes!!! "Super Cute Dolls. The art of Erregiro" Book.

The period of acquisition of ballots will be two months and it will be possible across paypal. The drawing [3] will carry out on Sunday, the 18th from March to 12:00pm GMT+2.

The price of each ticket is 3€ to be paid in person or through paypal admitted as a gift/donation (

Each participant must provide contact information (such as name and email) and will be given a receipt with the participation number(s) in the sweepstakes.

Members of the Board of Directors of the Association, or their relatives may not participate in this event, to ensure transparency.

The name of the winner will be published in our web and on the Association’s Facebook page.

[1] The customización of a doll is an artistic process that hides more or less traditional technologies – as doing with cake or acrylic, or esculpir facial expressions – in not traditional at all materials – since it is the plastic. By means of this process a wrist created from a model in series, turns into the only wrist, a sculpture of plastic that just answers to the imaginary one and to the aesthetics of his creator.

[2] We cannot stop being grateful for our socia collaborator, Carlota Avendaño Rocha, the transfer of three wrists of stock on which there has worked Erregiro (Franckie, Ghoulia and Spectra)

[3] The draw will take place through the website at Extraordinary Meeting of the Cultural Association, Sen Marco and in the presence of at least four members of its Board of Directors: Clara Rodriguez – President, Nerea Marra – Vice President, Xes Lopez – , Treasurer and Begoña Ante – Secretarie.



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